Eldey Restaurant

Eldey opened during the Summer of 2014  along with the Hotel, since then our Chef has been creating a menu around Iceland and Mývatn region’s uniqueness, putting an emphasis on regional ingredients and carefully selecting high quality  products.

Arctic Charr is from Húsavík and our lamb and beef are from North Iceland and Eyjafjörður.

Finally all our fresh vegetables and fruits are from nearby farms in Hveravellir, grown in geothermally heated greenhouses and Vallarnes which grows organic products.

Njótið og verði ykkur að góðu.                     

                                                                                                                                                                                                            The Eldey Team


Soup of the day –  Kr 1.790,-

Hay smoked goose, tartare, sour mustard seeds,
fermented skyr, dried carrots – Kr 2.290,-

Salad orange dressing, berries,
pickled red onions, roasted nuts – Kr 1.690,-

Shrimp salad with grilled bread and basil aioli – Kr 1.990,-


Lamb fillet, beetroot and apple purée, goat cheese,
baby potatoes, walnuts, red wine sauce  – Kr 4.900,-

Smoked beef tenderloin, green apple and celery root purée,
potato fondant, asparagus, red wine sauce – Kr 5.100,-

Grilled chicken, peppers, apple,
cucumber lime yogurt sauce, fresh berries – Kr 3.190,-

Trout, mashed potatoes, shallot capers butter,
red onion jam, pickles red onion – Kr 4.700,-

Mushroom risotto, salad, Parmesan  – Kr 2.390,-


David’s white chocolate and skyr
cucumber, celery granita and dill – Kr 1.790,-

Caramelia chocolate tart
crispy oats, coffee cream – Kr 1.790,-