Winter or Summer there is always something to do around Myvatn. From the Nature Baths, to Whale Watching from Husavik, Horse Riding, a sightseeing flight over the Lake, Dog Sledding or simply gazing at the Northern Lights. As tours can get quickly fully booked, we advise you to pre-book tours ahead with us to secure your spot.

Here are our picks :

Jarðbodin – Nature Baths: Nobody comes to Mývatn without having a dip in the Nature Baths. It’s been called the” Blue Lagoon of the North”, but let’s be honest ….It‘s way better. Enjoy the midnight sun during the summer or the northern lights during the winter.


Víti Crater / Krafla Area: “It’s like landing on another planet” – The contrast to the lush green vegetation around Lake Mývatn will stun you when you’ll arrive in the Kafla Area. The geothermal area around Krafla is considered one of the most active in whole of Iceland.


Dimmuborgir : also called the ”dark cities” where the 13 ”Yule Lads” (Iceland’s Santa Clauses), hide during the year. get lost through the lava field, caves and lava formation. Dimmuborgir and Mývatn has also been the scenery of various films and tv shows like Game of Thrones and Fast and the Furious.


In addition to all this, there are almost endless opportunities for outdoor activities all year round, it´s possible to play minigolf, bowling, icefishing, cross country skiing, fat biking or snowmobile riding on frozen Myvatn during wintertime, private superjeep tours to Askja or to see the northern lights, birdwatching, the Aurora exclusive baths at Laugar and the list goes on and on.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to find the activity that suits you best.