Grilled Portobello (vegan) - green coriander dip, pine nuts

Kr 2.490,-

TUNA - glaze, sesame oil smoked lime mayo

Kr 2.990,-

SMOKED TROUT -fresh Nordic Wasabi, fennel biscuit

Kr 2.990,-

CURED AND SLOW COOKED TROUT - grilled bread dressing, pickled red onion, dill oil

Kr 2.990,-

SMOKED DUCK BREAST - remoulade, pickled red onion, caramelized onion mayo
fennel biscuit

Kr 3.290,-


CAULIFLOWERWINGS (VEGAN) - hummus, barbecue sauce

Kr 4.990,-

PRAWN PASTA - fresh ravioli, mussel sauce, dill, parmesan

Kr 5.990,-

BEEF TENDERLOIN - potato fondant, broccoli, celery root and apple puree, gravy

Kr 7.690,-

BLUE LING - thyme and garlic potato foam, mussel sauce, broccoli

Kr 5.990,-


WHITE CHOCOLATE SKYR - rhubarb granita, cucumber, dill oil

Kr 2.490,-

CHOCOLATE MOUSSE (VEGAN) - gooseberries, rhubarb granita, vegan cream, cashew crumble

Kr 2.490,-

PANNA COTTA - vanilla ice cream, rhubarb jam

Kr 2.490,-

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