CAULIFLOWER WINGS - hummus, pickled chili, barbecue sauce

Kr 2.490,-

REINDEER - smoked pine nuts, grilled kale, gravy, crowberry

Kr 3.790,-

CHICKENWINGS - hummus, pickled chili, barbecue sauce

Kr 3.490,-


LAMB - baby potatoes, fennel mayo, grilled broccoli,
red wine sauce with crowberry

Kr 6.590,-

TROUT baby potatoes, rye bread, dill foam, cured Roe

Kr 5.590,-

MUSHROOMPASTA - portobello mushrooms, parmesan, cream

Kr 3.790,-


CARAMEL WHITE CHOCOLATE AND SKYR -beetroot, rabbabara granita, oats

Kr 2.490,-

HOT CHOCOLATE TART - caramel, ice cream from Skútaís

Kr 2.490,-

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