Grilled beetroot - Goat cheese artichokes, roasted onion ,fennel biscuits

Kr 1.890,-

Cured and Slow Cooked Trout - Burned bread dressing, Pickled pearl onions, Dill oil

Kr 2.190,-

Tiger prawn tacos - Prawn in tempura , pickled onions, date puree, dill oil, chili mayo

Kr 2.290,-

Cauliflower risotto - Barley, Parmesan

Kr 1.990,-

Parma Ham and cheese - Blue cheese, jerusalem artichokes, Goat cheese, fennel biscuits, pesto

Kr 1.990,-


Grillaðar lamba kótelettur – Hvítlauks-steinselju eplamauk, geitaostur, rauðvínssósa, smælki

Kr 4.590,-

Trout - Baby potatoes, pesto, red onion jam, pickles red onion

Kr 3.990,-

Beef tenderloin - Green apple and celery root purée, baby potatoes, asparagus, red wine sauce

Kr 5.590,-


White chocolate and skyr - Cucumber, celery granita and dill

Kr 1.790,-

Lime caramelia chocolate tart - Crispy oats, coffee cream

Kr 1.790,-

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Hótel Laxá is closed during this winter due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we will re-open on the 14th of May 2021