Note that on Saturdays as we have special icelandic dinners we offer a limited menu.


Grilled Portobello (vegan) -

Kr 2.490,-

TUNA - glaze, pickled chili, sesame oil smoked lime mayo

Kr 3.490,-

Smoked Artic Char with nordic Wasabi

Kr 3.490,-


LAMB - lamb rump steak, kohlrabi and fennel puree,
baby potatoes, demi glace, beetroot

Kr 6.990,-

Reindeer - baby poatoes, smoked turnip, blue cheese butter

Kr 7.590,-

CAULIFLOWER WINGS (VEGAN) hummus, pickled chili, barbecue sauce

Kr 3.990,-

Blue Ling - Potato foam, broccoli, burnt butter

Kr 5.290,-


CARAMEL WHITE CHOCOLATE AND SKYR -beetroot, rabbabara granita, oats

Kr 2.490,-

Rubharb and Strawberry cake - Ice Cream from Skútaís

Kr 2.490,-


Kr 2.490,-

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